Making a Referral

Worried about someone you know?

We can help

If you are worried about what a young person is doing online, we can help. It is not too late for them. Now is the time to try and divert them to use their skills in a positive way rather than risk a pathway into cyber criminal behaviour.

School Designated Safeguarding Leads, other partner agency staff and parents can all make referrals to us. In your initial contact with us, please do not include the young person’s name or other identifying details. We simply need a summary of why you think they should work with SEROCU Cyber Choices.

The Referral Process

Diagram showing the referral process, explained in more detail below.
The Referral Process: an overview

The process for referrals is fairly straightforward.

First, you contact us, by email:, with some initial, anonymised details explaining why you think a referral is necessary. We then determine whether or not the circumstances are suitable for a referral into the Cyber Choices scheme, and if so, will send you a more detailed referral form to complete and return to us.

Once this has been completed by you and sent back to us, we will reassess the circumstances surrounding the individual and their actions; if we confirm they are suitable for a Cyber Choices intervention, our specially-skilled officers will arrange an initial meeting with the candidate. These meetings are delivered in an informal way, and our officers wear plain clothes, not uniform.

Following the first meeting, our team will develop any required intervention plans and deliver this – each intervention plan is uniquely tailored to the individual and their circumstances.

If you have any questions about the referral process, wish to begin a referral process, or simply want to contact the SEROCU Cyber Choices team, please complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Making the Referral

To begin the referral process or contact the Cyber Choices team, please complete the form below. A member of the team should get in touch with you within 5 working days.

IMPORTANT: If any person is at immediate risk you MUST dial 999 and ask for Police

Optional – if you prefer contact by telephone