Young People

The world is full of technology, and opportunities in the cyber sector are growing. We want to help support you in developing your skills in a legal, safe way so that you could get a legitimate (and well-paid!) job in cyber. Who knows – perhaps you could be the next Linus Tech Tips, Katie Moussouris or Chris Krebs!

teenage boy sat working in front of computer screen
teenage girl sat at a desk, smiling and gesturing, on a video call

To help you make the right #cyberchoices when you are online, make sure you are aware of the boundaries set by the law – stick within the legal limits online and when using tech! Check out our Computer Misuse Act explainer.

Making the right #CyberChoices – video from the NCA (National Crime Agency)

There are some educational games – some of which you may have used in school – on our Educational Resources page. For those of you aged 11-14, we recommend signing up to Cyber Explorers.

If you have an interest in tech, you will find some challenges and training opportunities on our Skills & Training page, and information about the wide range of job opportunities in cyber security, on our Careers page.

The National Cyber Security Centre run a training, apprenticeship and bursary scheme called CyberFirst, catering to those of you aged 12-17 and beyond, which also has a specialist girls competition, designed to encourage and support young women interested in a cyber security career.

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two hands holding a tablet, with one finger tapping and an image of a sphere of interconnected nodes floating above the tablet